About us

Founded in 1969 in Ruse as a supplier of military equipment, SET PCB Technology has grown to a successful and preferred partner to different business industries. Despite the company is always looking to explore new customer segments.

As an innovative and dynamic market-driven company SET PCB Technology is specialised in providing high quality tested PCBs and electronic assembly. We develop innovative turn-key for testing and applications of protective coatings.

The name SET PCB Technology stands not only for high quality and quick service but also for international presence.

We are also focused on constant improvement of profitable and productive operations by maintaining multi-lingual and motivated personnel, ensuring competitiveness and complete customer satisfaction.

SET produces in Ruse, Bulgaria with currently around 150 employees. We manufacture printed circuit board prototypes and serial production in standard and express service. A highly qualified CAM-team optimises all files intensively before going into production. 

What we offer:

  • Easy-to-read quotations
  • 24 h offer reply
  • Express service
  • Low prices
  • High quality
  • Fast delivery