With overhead expenses
Routing tool
1.50mm; 1.60mm; 2.00mm; 2.40mm
0.80mm; 0.90mm; 1.00mm;
1.20mm; 1.30mm; 1.40mm;
1.80mm; 1.90mm; 2.50mm
Distance between the
PCBs when being divided
by routing

Admissible routed contour tolerance (for linear dimensions)
≤ 200mm ±0.1mm
> 200mm≤ 300mm ±0.15mm
> 300mm ±0.2mm
≤ 200mm -0.1mm (±0.05;+0.1)
> 200mm≤ 300mm ±0.1mm
> 300mm ±0.1mm
Drilling of groove aperture
Ø 0.8mm - 3.0mm
l ≥ 2d
Ø 0.8mm - 3.0mm
l ≤ 2d
Admissible tolerances between holes and contour
Routing of Internal corner angles
R ≥ 0.8mm

Possible suggestions for small radius of rounding off, without using of small instruments:

a ≥ 0.8mm

b ≥ 1.6mm

d ≥ 1.6mm

R ≤ 0.8mm
Deep routing

a ±0.15mm diversion per each 100mm