Products Printed circuit boards:

Special PCBs

According customer's requirements we are able to produce some of the following non standard PCBs:

IMS Aluminium PCBs

We can produce single-sided aluminium PCBs which are an extremely suitable decision for temperature- and weightsensitive applications.


  • Cost reduction: long-lasting function
  • High reliability of the module
  • Constantly guaranteed heat removing
  • Umbrella effect against electromagnetic fields
  • High mechanical stability (in conditions with a lot of vibrations)
  • Possibility for huge place and weight saving

High Frequency PCBs

The increasing demands in the electronic world sometimes require faster signal flow rates. And here come the HF PCBs which are used in wireless networks, wireless and satellite communications. We produce those PCBs with special material such as Rogers.

Flexible PCBs

Constructed from polyimide those PCBs are suitable for fitting in the narrowest modular structures.

High-Tg PCBs

They have the following characteristics:

  • extremely enduring against delamination
  • little z-axis expansion
  • very high Tg value
  • chemical resistant strength
  • high temperature resistance

The Tg indicates the temperature at which the PCB base material starts yielding.

High-Tg PCBs are popular in LED industry, because heat dissipation of LED is higher than normal electronic components. If working temperature is higher than 170/180C, such as 200C, 280C, or even higher, then you'd better use Ceramic board.

Thick-copper PCBs up to 400 µm

Thick-Copper technology offers the possibility to implement complex switches in limited space for high current levels.